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Who is the Guilty Party?

Those traveling to Cuba should consider the news. In the middle of May the newspaper Granma, official publication of the Communist Party, began a series of articles about the worsening of the economic situation in the country caused by the international financial crisis. Two articles signed by the director, Lázaro Barredo, and another article in the first page of the newspaper reported the excessive consumption of 40,000 tons of fuels for the production of electrical energy. >>

Spanish Solidarity with Cuba

New version of the Tourism and Solidarity Guide to Cuba available

A newer, better version of the Tourism and Solidarity Guide to Cuba is now available. It contains very useful information for the travelers, especially about Cuba´s real heroes and how to express solidarity with them. >>

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Travel to Cuba: solidarity travel is the best option

If you decide to travel to Cuba, a beautiful destination, you should consider the option of adding a solidarity dimension to your visit. This means supporting, both moral and materially Cuba´s peaceful advocates of change and democracy. Political prisoners and their families and the Cuban emerging civil society. >>

Travel to Cuba

Modern flights to Cuba from France

French airline company, Air France, one of the largest carriers in Europe, has using the modern Boeing 777-300ER. for its flights to Habana, Cuba. >>


Wariness in Cuba toward the Obama Administration

The recent demotion of two members of Cuba´s cabinet has been puzzled over by Cuba analysts. Julia E. Sweig, CFR´s director for Latin American studies, says the individuals that were replaced were those "that the outside world knows best as Cuba´s international face." >>

Cuba Solidarity Travel Guide

Tourism and Solidarity Guide to Cuba

This guide has been prepared by Spanish Solidarity with Cuba.

Please click here for the whole Cuba Travel guide in pdf format.

Or click here for the whole Cuba travel guide in word format.

We hope to open your eyes to the reality of Cuba and
your heart to solidarity with the Cuban people
Seeing other places and cultures is a privilege. It is also an opportunity for personal enrichment,
especially if you manage to absorb a reality that is different from your own.
Cuba has an image as an agreeable and pleasant tourist destination. However, there is another reality.
The streets of Cuba are full of smiles and music, but inside its houses, poverty reigns; there is a lot of conversation, but there are taboo topics that are not discussed. The beaches are spectacular and the hotels are luxurious, but they are reserved for foreigners. The average Cuban cannot access the best beaches or the best hotels – and could not afford them anyway. In the
shadow of these luxury hotels, the Cuban people suffer a critical housing problem. Frequently, several generations live in the same house, which is typically in poor condition. The list goes
on... And this is the situation for the average Cuban. Now, let us spare a thought for the advocates of democracy who are marginalized and repressed by the regime because they seek
peaceful change for their country; for human rights activists who are fired from their jobs in reprisal for their activities. Let us reflect on the political prisoners, and on their families, who
are forced to travel long distances in order to visit their loved ones in prison, in a country with a brutal transport crisis. And these brave women, who must support their children while they
help their husbands who have been unjustly imprisoned, are the Damas de Blanco (Ladies in White). They were recognized with the award of the Sakharov Prize by the European
Parliament in 2005; however, in the majority of cases, the Cuban Government refused all permission to travel outside the island to collect this well earned award.
* Fidel Castro has been in power for 47 years, without elections or rival parties
* In Cuba, there are no independent communications media
* The average wage in Cuba is around 12 euros per month
* In most cases, the Cuban people cannot express opinions against the
Transport in Cuba is in permanent crisis. In the photograph, Cubans travel in an antique bus or “camello” [camel].

Many tourists soak up Cuba’s beaches without soaking up any of Cuba itself, disconnected
from the true reality of the country. Don’t be one of them. Get to know the real Cuba,
and do something about it. In the face of all these injustices and confronting situations, ask yourself:
What can I do? A lot!
We suggest that you add a component of solidarity, responsibility and democracy to your visit. Use your visit to Cuba as an opportunity to do something for the present and
future of the Cuban people, lending your support to those who need it most. When you go to Cuba, make sure you pack your understanding, hope and encouragement along with your
towel and bathing suit. Take with you your solidarity, democratic beliefs, faith in a better future, and your certainty that a peaceful transition to democracy, from within Cuba and by Cubans, is possible and desirable. Acts of solidarity require hardly any effort from you, and yet bring great rewards: the Cuban
people receive moral or material support and you have the personal satisfaction of being more than just a spectator.
You can visit the family of a political prisoner, taking along your encouragement and medicine, too. You can call them from a phone booth to lend your support. You can slip them a
letter under the door. You can take along a toy for one of their children. And so much more.
Any one of these things will enrich your trip, and you will be helping Cubans who are suffering
and need your support. Don’t just lie on the beach with your head in the sand.
If you go to Cuba, do it right!
Visitors to Cuba, lend your support!
Spanish Solidarity with Cuba - www.solidaridadconcuba.com

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