Travel to Cuba: solidarity travel is the best option

Ricardo Carreras

If you decide to travel to Cuba, a beautiful destination, you should consider the option of adding a solidarity dimension to your visit. This means supporting, both moral and materially Cuba´s peaceful advocates of change and democracy. Political prisoners and their families and the Cuban emerging civil society.

The easy thing to do for the travelers to Cuba is to go a beach like Varadero and then forget about the world. This is what most people do, but you would be missing something very important: human solidarity.

The traveler should express his or her solidarity with common Cubans because they are living in very poor conditions, but he or she should especially consider expressing solidarity during his or her travel with those in Cuba suffering to improve the future of the island.

This means prisoners unfairly jailed for expressing their ideas, which are Cuba´s prisoners of conscience.

This means their families, like the Damas de Blanco

This means Cuban human rights and pro-democracy activists, such as Oswaldo Payá, Héctor Palacios, Vladimiro Roca or many others.

This means Cuban churches and independent libraries.

If you travel to Cuba, do not forget about them.

All of them deserve your suppport and solidarity,

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